Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker

Blast off with Planet Clicker to discover the universe. Let’s expand your interplanetary empire and become the pro-tycoon in this enjoyable clicker game!

Step aboard the out-of-this-world spaceship of Planet Clicker and strap in tight for an exhilarating journey across the cosmos! Welcome, fellow astronauts who dream of conquering the stars, to this captivating idle game where every click takes you closer to interstellar mastery!

Are you ready for an epic adventure in this vast, sparkling universe? Let’s kick things off from our beloved home base, Earth. Here, you’ll uncover hidden fuel sources to supercharge your spaceship, filling your tanks with boundless energy. Forget the stress of battles and the burden of micromanagement. Just sit back, relax, and let your fingers dance across the keys to unlock god-like upgrades.

But the adventure doesn’t end on Earth! It will whisk you away to the other fabulous planets in this simulated solar system. Each of them is packed with secrets and treasures just waiting to be discovered. So, buckle up and get ready to tap your way through an interplanetary journey like no other. Your cosmic destiny awaits!

Explore the Wonderful Universe of Planet Clicker!

About the Rules of This Clicker Game

Planet Clicker’s game rules couldn’t be simpler: press keys and unlock upgrades. However, let’s go through the detailed steps to fully experience all the fun in this virtual universe!

  • You will start your journey on Earth, a familiar planet with endless resources.
  • To create energy, you just need to tap on the globe icon on the screen or use the spacebar to operate.
  • Click on the Shop section to view the exchange conditions for upgrades and purchase them.
  • After each use, the price of that upgrade will increase, with the reward remaining the same. Therefore, please calculate carefully before using any accessibility.
  • Besides Earth, you can explore Mars and Venus when you have enough unlock points. The resources on these two planets are of higher value.
  • Upgrades for each world are different and tend to gradually increase the value of the rewards.
  • There are no limits to Planet Clicker’s universe. Once you’ve unlocked every planet and upgraded it, you can continue to buy more rewards to become the energy tycoon of this simulated solar system!

Marvelous Upgrades for Your Planets

Your Planet Clicker adventure will traverse three worlds: Earth, Mars, and Venus. Each star has six upgrades, and the experiences never stop. Note that your score will remain the same throughout the entire game. However, your power click is only effective in the world where you unlock that power. For example, if you have 100 energy per click on Earth, even if you have 200 energy per click on Mars, when you return to Earth, it will only be worth 100.

Alright, now let’s find out what awesome upgrades you can unlock in this enjoyable clicker game! Planet Clicker introduces two main upgrade modes: click power and additional energy in each second. Each planet in this game will have six upgrades. In the order they appear in the menu, the following abilities and those of the subsequent worlds will have greater reward values. With this unlimited journey, how do have the most impressive achievement?

Plan a Good Strategy

First of all, please be patient in the early stages of the game to unlock cheap upgrades. Players can use both the mouse button and the spacebar at the same time to increase energy faster. Besides, always keep an eye on the prices of upgrades and buy them as soon as possible. Additionally, remember that you also need to travel to other planets to find more resources.

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to use the highest upgrade. However, accessibility has a big bonus and will, of course, shorten your waiting time. Moreover, you should do missions on the highest-level planet available. For example, your spaceship has landed on Venus, so unlock the click power and do it right there.

You can prioritize upgrading to increase points automatically, but don’t forget to upgrade to increase power with each click. The original price of click power is always cheaper than the automatic counting feature. But the increase in its value will be more significant. Therefore, if you have free hands, you can buy many power clicks to help increase your score rapidly in the shortest time.

Unlock Appealing Features: What Makes This Game Addictive

With all of Planet Clicker’s experiences, you will enter a space of features that can keep you immersed all day.

  • Beautiful universe theme interface with sparkling stars and three beautiful planets of the solar system.
  • Music that inspires journeys to explore the universe. You can feel the weightless space in each music note and the sound of the energies created from continuous clicks.
  • There’s no need to discuss too much about the simplicity of the gameplay, the rules, or how to join Planet Clicker. Because of this ease, the game can be suitable for any type of player.
  • Players can travel from Earth to Mars and Venus with just one simple operation. Just unlock a series of unique upgrades and navigate your spaceship through the land with never-ending energy.
  • This idle game also has its own section to analyze basic data during your adventure, such as time played, total energy, energy spent, and clicks.
  • In particular, if you switch to another tab on the browser, the game will still run continuously.

More Discovery in the Clicker Game Genre

Planet Clicker is an idle game with a creative theme. Not just simple button presses; players will have an experience like a space exploration journey with vivid graphics and sound. If this engaging game impresses you and you want to set foot on neighboring stars, you can check out Planet Clicker 2. The game is like a continuation and expansion of your space adventure.

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